Breaking: Dinosaur Hunters Make Incredible 125 Million Year Old Discovery


Dinosaur hunters have made an incredible discovery of one of the largest beasts to ever have walked the Earth. After searching for several years in an area known to have been rich with skeletal remains of dinosaurs, paleontologists believe this amazing discovery marks the beginning of an unknown species. What exactly did they find?

Where Did They Find It?

In 2015, dinosaur hunters found the remains in Morella, Spain. The skeletal remains were dug up from the bed of Mas De La Paretta Quarry, an area dominated by dinosaurs more than 125 million years ago. When they began to dig in this area, they found a myriad of bones, all belonging to various species the dinosaur hunters have never seen before.

The Location’s Past

In the past, Morella, Spain and the surrounding areas have been cited as an area rich in dinosaur remains. In 2014, after 18 months of excavating the area, researches, José Luis Carballido and Diego Pol, found the (titanic) species Titanosaur. Other dinosaur remains were found, such as Iguanodonts, Argosaurus, and theropods. Within the site, they also found fragments of egg shells and intact footprints in the sediment, making Morella heaven for paleontologists.

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What Bones Did They Find?

What bone fragments were found that led to the discovery of one of the largest dinosaurs on Earth? At first, two massive leg bones were found, both femurs. One femur was measured at 5 feet 3 inches and the second femur was measured at 5 feet 11 inches. Later, roughly 80 other bones would be found, shedding light on the physical characteristics of this new beast.

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Is It The Biggest Ever Found?

While certainly not the biggest dinosaur ever found, the owner of the femur bones was definitely among the largest alive during its time. After assembling the fossil bones together, paleontologists found their new dinosaur stood more than 20 meters (65 feet 7 inches) long and 10 meters (32 feet 10 inches) tall. It had four bulky legs, a long tail, and extended neck.

The Find

So what is this monster that lived more than 125 million years ago? It was a sauropod, plant-eating creatures with a long tail, protracted neck, and unusually small head. They looked like giant lizards. In fact, their name Sauropoda means “lizard-footed” and their closest relatives were “lizard-hipped”. At the time of their existence, the Triassic period, they were so big they had zero competitors.

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