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    Scientists Can’t Believe This Is The Coldest Place In The Universe

    AZA young proto-planetary nebula located 5,000 light years from the Earth has been identified as the current coldest region in space known to Scientists. The Boomerang Nebula, also known as the Bow Tie Nebula, has kept its frigid secret for more than twenty years, but now, scientists want answers. What makes it so cold? The […]

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    Surgeons Remove This Strange Object From A Man Who Was Constipated For Years

    A TEAM of surgeons has removed a very unusual object from the insides of a man after a rare condition caused him to suffer severe discomfort and pain for years. Wikipedia The condition, known as Hirschsprung’s disease, is a fairly uncommon disease, which only occurs in about one in 5,000 people born – most of whom are men. YYK […]

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    Rare Mummies Found In Massive Egyptian Tomb

    Researchers recently discovered some pretty incredible things while exploring an ancient cemetery in Tuna el-Gebel. Inside one of the tombs (in what seems like a scene right out of the old Indiana Jones movies), they came to a point where the path veered off in different directions. Each direction revealed various passageways – each of them […]

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    Doctors Are Seriously Warning Women Against THIS Dangerous Trend

    Doctors, once again,  are warning women everywhere against following unsafe medical advice. This is especially true if you’re reading about hot new trends on the internet. There is no good reason to try out these new fads, not even if you think there is something wrong with you – which there is almost certainly not. Drug […]

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    In Cities Across The US, Buildings Are Lighting Up Green In Protest Over Trump’s Decision To Exit Paris Agreement

    In the wake of President Trump’s announcement that he will exit the Paris Climate Agreement, it seems that not everyone is standing behind the commander in chief. Cities across the US are lighting up major buildings green in order to show their support for the agreement. Their actions could also be seen as indicating resistance […]

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    Astronomers Make Startling Discovery About Bizarre Exoplanet

    Scientists Make Discovery A newly discovered exoplanet, known to the world as KELT-11b, has turned out to be a very unusual object. What makes it unusual? Well, to begin with, it’s really not like anything we’ve seen before. Or is it? Lehigh University 1. Here are some details: It’s the brightest transiting exoplanet visible in the […]

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    8 Signs Of Cervical Cancer That You Should Never Ignore

    With cervical cancer being one of the world’s most common types of cancer affecting women, it is incredibly important that you should know the signs to look out for. But you may be asking yourself, “What is cervical cancer?” Simply, it is a cancer that develops from the cervix. The cause of the cancer is an […]

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    You Won’t Believe Why This Guy’s Hand Was Sewn Into His Stomach

    Carlos was a factory worker like a lot of people. But, unfortunately, Carlos suffered a major accident at work. Barcroft TV/YouTube His hand was pulled into a machine, like the one below. After screaming several times, an operator finally came to his rescue. But upon freeing his hand from the machine, he quickly realized that […]

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    Ever Had Bad Breath That Doesn’t Go Away? This Might Be Why

    Doctors have discovered a quick and painless procedure that will help thousands of people get rid of bad breath. Renee Beckler was among those who suffered from bad breath for years. She experimented with many different ways to get rid of it. In her own words, “I have tried Listerine mouthwash, tongue scraping, oral picks, keeping […]