Doctors Give Conjoined Twins Slim Chance For Survival But How They Look Now Is Incredible

“When the doctors came out to say the surgery had been a success and that the girls were both fine, it was like the world had been lifted off our shoulders,” said Angela.

Twenty Two Words

Here are the twins with their older sister after being successfully separated and released from the hospital. She looks so excited to have them home!

Daily Mail

Here is a picture of Ruby and Rosie celebrating their 1st birthday. What a couple of cuties!

Daily Mail

It’s been a few years since their 1st birthday and now the girls are starting school! It’s unbelievable but there are almost no visible signs from the surgery.


Here are the twins with their mother Angela. They appeared on a talk show to discuss the success of the procedure and how well they’re doing now. As you can see, everyone looks quite happy and healthy.

Angela has said, “four years ago it wasn’t in my mind that this would ever happen.”
It’s wonderful to see such a traumatic situation turn out so well.


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