MODEL KILLED: Her Life Was Taken Unexpectedly.


A French Instagram model was unexpectedly killed recently as the result of a strange accident. Rebecca Burger’s family is now using her Instagram account to issue warnings to the public about how they can avoid their daughter’s fate. Burger had over 150,000 followers on Instagram and was famous for being a health and fitness model. Her photos often showed her in workout gear, showing off her fitness.


World Traveler

Burger was famous for her lifestyle blogging, namely fitness and travel. Her Instagram posts mention trips to places as diverse as Austria, Zanzibar and Dubai. Many of her recent posts show her in Bali, in Indonesia. In addition to shots of herself there are many photos of healthy food like fruits and salads.


Dessert, anyone?

Burger’s family has said she was killed in a “domestic accident'” which occurred while she was preparing a desert. She was not killed immediately by the accident but died later. According to CNN, her cause of death has still not been determined but officials have said that her death was most likely caused by a “cardiac incident” following the shock of the accident.


Related Injuries

While Burger is the first to have died she is not the first to be injured in the same kind of accident. Consumer groups in France and around the world have been issue warnings and complaints about the product in question. Injuries have been as severe as lost teeth and even a lost eye.


Death by Cream Canister

Rebecca Burger, 33, was sent into cardiac arrest when a malfunctioning nitrous oxide canister attached to a whipped cream dispenser exploded, hitting her in the chest. Burger was revived by paramedics but died later at the hospital. Burger’s family has since been issuing warnings on her Instagram account about the dangers of using the canister which was recalled in 2013.

The Daily Mail

Malfunctioning Cans

Burger was using a re-usable whipped cream dispenser made by French company Ard’time, which recalled the product several years ago. However, only a fraction of the canisters sold were returned to the company. Consumer magazine 60 Million consumers said it had been issuing warnings about the canisters for years.


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