NASA cannot seem to catch a break these days. With Anonymous claiming alien life, Gwyneth Paltrow’s snake oil issue, and the explanation of why the world didn’t end in 2012, it’s safe to say NASA has been swimming up to their eyes in rumors to squash. It should be no surprise to anyone that yet another rumor has surfaced. Can this one be debunked or is it actually true?

What Is A Conspiracy?

A conspiracy theory is the belief that a clandestine organization or group is hiding, covering up, or denying an event or situation that occurred. Usually, this organization is seen as suspicious and harboring malicious intent against the general public but this is just the tip of the iceberg definition. Conspiracy theories often form a hypothesis based on three principles: nothing happens by accident, everything is connected, and nothing is as it seems.

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NASA’s Conspiracy Riddled Past

These days on the internet, you need to put your skeptical glasses on before looking at anything. NASA, unfortunately, is no stranger to conspiracy theories. From the Apollo moon landings being faked to the Earth being flat, the theorists have continuously claimed NASA is up to no good. In fact, there’s even a conspiracy theory that NASA is a front for a much more sinister group.

Who Started This Latest Conspiracy

According to the internet, we have the infamous right-wing provocateur Alex Jones to thank for this conspiracy. He’s the host of Infowars, an internet news show that has been recently labeled as a “fake news site.” Jones invited an ex-CIA officer and known info peddler, Robert Steele, who was the harbinger of the latest NASA conspiracy theory. This juicy piece of news is considered his craziest theory yet.

The Power Of Conspiracy Theories

According to Psychology Today, the belief in conspiracy theories is a powerful thing. With more than 50% of Americans believing in at least one conspiracy theory, research shows that these individuals are heavily influenced by the mere mention of the theories. Experts say these beliefs are due to “conjunction fallacy” or the belief that specific events are more prevalent than general ones. Because people are uncomfortable with random events, there is a need for there to be a specific cause.


And This New Conspiracy Is…?

So what is this new conspiracy theory that NASA must now debunk? Well, prepare yourself. According to Robert Steele, NASA is accused of harboring child slaves on Mars. That’s right! Steele told Jones (and everyone watching) that children from Earth were kidnapped by NASA and sent on a 20 year flight to Mars, where they would arrive as slave workers on the red planet. NASA debunked the theory, stating there are no humans on Mars, slaves or otherwise.


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