NASA Makes Statement About Discovering Alien Life


A few days ago the internet was abuzz with news leaked by a secret organization known as Anonymous, a group notorious around the world for hacking. Whether their claim of what NASA has found is true or not caused widespread discussions and debates. This stir prompted NASA to step up and put the record straight. What was in their statement to the public?

Who Is Anonymous?

Anonymous is an international internet gathering of activists and hacking entities that originated in 2003. On June 27th, 2017, Anonymous released a video in which they claimed to know exactly what NASA was going to announce, pulling from NASA’s April 2017 announcement and using that information to make their claim. But the public is now asking: Was this really the Anonymous group making claims or a fake?

Were They Really The Anonymous Group?

There is some speculation as to whether the Anonymous group making such claims is the real hacktivist group. Rather than expose information hidden from the public (Anonymous’s loosely held goal), the videos released, featuring the standard Guy Fawkes mask, regurgitated facts from the website This deviation from habit leads experts to believe the videos were made by impostors and not the Anonymous group.

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Their Claims

And what were the claims made of NASA’s discoveries? A twelve-and-a-half-minute video was posted to YouTube, garnering more than 2,000,000 views, made the claim that NASA found extraterrestrial life on five of the 219 plants found this year. Pulling the information from a public statement made by Thomas Zurbuchen on Twitter, Anonymous publicly stated NASA found alien life beyond Earth.

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How Did People Respond?

As stated before, the internet exploded with speculation and conspiracies. Their video garnered more than 2 million views and 800 comments, proving the dividing line between those who believe in life beyond earth and those who are skeptics. For the most part, however, and due to NASA’s swift response, the majority of the public remains unfazed by the latest news.

NASA’s Statement

When Anonymous came out with their claims, NASA wasted no time debunking them. According to NASA officials. Anonymous collected information from Zurbuchen and other sources, details that were readily available to the public. Not only did they take the evidence from accessible forums, NASA pointed out that there is a difference between saying they are closer to discovering life and claiming that life has already been found, a distinction Anonymous failed to make in their haste to leak the news.


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