Rare Mummies Found In Massive Egyptian Tomb


Researchers recently discovered some pretty incredible things while exploring an ancient cemetery in Tuna el-Gebel. Inside one of the tombs (in what seems like a scene right out of the old Indiana Jones movies), they came to a point where the path veered off in different directions. Each direction revealed various passageways – each of them containing numerous rare objects.

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Very little is known about the chambers, though, because not enough time has passed since their discovery. The cemetery itself, Tuna el-Gebel, has been on researchers’ radar for around 80 years.

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The site was once a major city and provincial capital known as, Hermopolis, which roughly translates into “eight-town,” named after a group of eight gods that existed before the Earth was created.

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The location of the cemetery is unique in the sense that the necropolis was separated from the people there by a river. It is thought that the dead were carried to their final resting places by boat and not in coffins over land, as was previously suspected.

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Some of the more prominent members of society that have been uncovered are a 4th-century high priest named Petosiris and a wealthy young woman named Isadora. Buried with them were various objects not seen by humans in centuries. Some of the items included coins, pottery and some other exceptional items.

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Researches were able to tell from the numerous mummified falcons, baboons, and other creatures that Petosiris was a serious collector of animals.

Isadora was, unfortunately, killed while crossing the Nile. Her father had her buried in Tuna el-Gebel. There still exists wonderful engravings of Greek poetry within her tomb.


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