Surgeons Remove This Strange Object From A Man Who Was Constipated For Years


A TEAM of surgeons has removed a very unusual object from the insides of a man after a rare condition caused him to suffer severe discomfort and pain for years.


The condition, known as Hirschsprung’s disease, is a fairly uncommon disease, which only occurs in about one in 5,000 people born – most of whom are men.

YYK Family Doctor

The patient, a young man in his ’20s, was treated at the 10th People’s Hospital of Shanghai in eastern China. He began experiencing symptoms at a very young age, his doctors reported.

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For the most part, the unnamed patient has been relying on medication for years to help reduce the symptoms caused by the disease. But recently the discomfort and pain became too much for him to handle.

At one point, the patient’s stomach had become so enlarged that he looked like he was heavily pregnant. But, in reality, that was not the case.

As a result, the young man finally decided to check into the hospital to get treatment.

Doctor Yin Lu and his team of experts met with the man and claimed they were stunned by the size of the man’s abdomen, noting that “it looked like it could explode at any time.”


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