Doctors Are Seriously Warning Women Against THIS Dangerous Trend


Doctors, once again,  are warning women everywhere against following unsafe medical advice. This is especially true if you’re reading about hot new trends on the internet. There is no good reason to try out these new fads, not even if you think there is something wrong with you – which there is almost certainly not.

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Science has come a very long way and almost all infections can be easily resolved by simply visiting the pharmacy. If it’s more serious, you may need to visit your doctor but you can be sure you’ll get the right kind of treatment and not end up possibly causing even worse things to happen.


Recently, there have been posts popping up on the pages of Etsy and Amazon peddling products to women called oak galls. Some research suggests that oak galls, or manjakani, have some ability to act as an antibacterial substance. But doctors have serious hesitations and are warning women against using them.


So what are these oak galls and how do they (supposedly) work? According to the almighty Wikipedia, oak galls (aka oak apples) are abnormal growths on trees that “are caused by chemicals injected by the larva of certain kinds of gall wasps.”


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